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SEEL's Digital Platform is a configurable, proprietary IT platform that supports implementing the projects we manage on behalf of our clients. It is an industry-leading cloud-based data management system designed to deliver and exceed industry-standard capabilities, data security, and exceptional functional adaptability to support our utility clients’ needs. 

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Appointment Scheduling and Confirmation

Text Confirmation



Dashboards and Metric Reporting

Audit Data Capture Tool



A single source for all program data and reporting, including web-based, real-time data and client-facing dashboards.

SOC 2 Type 2 compliant platform to ensure internal and external security.

Tracks all program data allowing for quick data extracts to create reports - project completions, expenses, savings, incidents, and forecasts, etc. 

Quantitative and qualitative production and marketing data provide an accurate depiction of program health and direction.​

Defined data and reporting requirements and tailored program modules for our utility customers' portfolios.

Supports transition to SEEL's Digital Platform with no observable interruption in service.

Configures to track all requirements for our utility clients and third-party evaluators.

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