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Trade Ally Management

SEEL actively recruits local contractor trade allies and market actors

Happy Businessman

Working collaboratively with trade allies drives participation in home performance, income-qualified, custom, prescriptive, and small business programs. SEEL implements a robust trade ally network plan to engage and educate the trades to increase market penetration of efficient measures and increase overall program services quality.

SEEL manages partners and contractors for multiple income-qualified and commercial programs. Crucial to program delivery success is our ability to recruit, train, and engage service providers to their fullest potential. 

SEEL supplements our utility clients’ existing network by recruiting local contractor trade allies and market actors (i.e., contractors and the entire supply chain of distributors, manufacturers, retailers, trade associations, and affiliated organizations).   

Reputation for service excellence

Base of existing service contracts

Interact professionally with customers

SEEL’s eSMART trade ally and partner portal can be customized to fit our utility customers' brand standards.

Commitment to Diversity


SEEL maintains good working relationships with trade allies across demographics, urban and rural settings, and diverse and non-diverse companies.  It is a paramount goal of our company to increase diversity in tandem with other market actors also focusing on diverse businesses.

As a diverse business itself, SEEL is connected with organizations explicitly formed to support diverse businesses, such as the National Minority Supplier Development Council. As a member of this network, SEEL is directly connected within a network of ready and willing businesses and organizations to support energy efficiency work.

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