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Recycling & Rebates


SEEL manages a wide range of rebate and incentive processing program types.


Recycling & Rebates


From custom commercial projects to appliance recycling, multi-family and residential whole building, to prescriptive programs, SEEL has managed a wide range of program types that require rebate or incentive processing.

We offer a local approach to appliance recycling in our markets. Using our experience and expertise, SEEL filled a void in the energy and sustainability industry, successfully expanding our portfolio to include appliance recycling. This program is a consumer favorite, providing a better option for sustainably replacing appliances.

We develop rebate and incentive plans that are accessible for all customer types and segments. We track this work in our proprietary, cloud-based technology platform, SDP (SEEL Digital Platform).

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Validates applications

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Processes incentive applications

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Tracks participant and program savings data

Issue reports

All participant and program savings data are available in real-time. Reports are easily generated at the click of a mouse.

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