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SEEL operates a fully-staffed internal Contact Center

Call Center Headset

SEEL is one of the few energy efficiency implementation contractors that operates an internal full-service contact center. Our approach to reaching program goals is built on our combined experience with energy efficiency program delivery, industry-leading contact center technology, robust staff training protocols, and contact center siting strategies.

SEEL’s contact center offers:

Highly-trained staff

Scheduling assistance

Confirmation calls

Inbound and outbound calling

Call campaigns

Online chat features

Customer surveys, and handling program inquiries

Our Contact Center staff are trained to handle all program inquiries professionally and efficiently.  Our Tier 1 and Tier 2 contact center performs scheduling and answers phone inquiries, takes escalation calls, and conducts confirmation calls – handling both inbound and outbound contact.

Our industry-leading cloud-based telephony system technology augments SEEL’s experience in providing contact center support for energy efficiency programs. SEEL leverages this technology as an open platform allowing for ease of integration with our utility clients’ systems and customization based on need. Our system allows for the building of custom call trees and the transfer of warm calls directly to program-specific staff.


SEEL Customer Service Representatives communicate based on customer preference 

Phone with inbound or outbound calling

Via email
SMS message
Live chat
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