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SEEL is proud to have met small business needs by increasing the savings generated by our small business portfolio offerings by 160%. 

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Exceeded Expectations During the Pandemic

COVID- 19 significantly impacted the small business sector.  But, despite four months of halted program operations, the 2020 pandemic did not compromise SEEL’s annual spend and savings targets.  Each SEEL program met or exceeded its contractual expectations. 

Solutions that Make Sense for Small Businesses

Many small business owners don’t think they have the resources or capital to devote to energy-savings opportunities.  Their perception is that implementing energy-savings measures isn’t financially, or logistically feasible – but SEEL has solutions that make sense for small businesses.  We design and implement utility-based, energy conservation programs specifically for small business markets.

Cost-Effective Energy Savings Solutions

Beginning with a highly successful utility-based pilot program and maturing into ongoing programs, SEEL has proved to small-business utility customers that there are viable, cost-effective energy-savings solutions that fit in with their business models.  Our marketing techniques, streamlined program management, high-quality contact center and expert direct-install measures are all ideal for the small business market.  The result has been increased participation levels, significant energy savings and a boost in customer satisfaction.

Reduce Energy Costs and Increase

Property Values

Our teams of trained energy educators and direct installers have the expertise to perform on-site walk-throughs and then install energy-savings measures, working in a visible partnership with utility personnel.  We provide customized reports for each program that summarize energy assessments and audits, provide details on program availability and participation and include an overall program analysis.

By managing all aspects of our energy programs, SEEL reduces energy costs and increases property values for small businesses.

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