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virtual & contactless


Virtual and contactless appointment designs were created and implemented during the program stand down period of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic.


Exceeded Expectations During the Pandemic

SEEL worked with our partners to develop safe opportunities for customers to participate in energy savings programs.  As a result, SEEL redefined the customer experience and created an online platform for residential and commercial customers’ digital engagement.

Solutions that Make Sense for Small Businesses

Participants have the option to conduct the virtual assessment via video or phone.  Like the traditional in-person delivery mechanism, SEEL sought to create a virtual strategy that was easy and meaningful to the customer. 

Cost-Effective Energy Savings Solutions

The virtual process has six main components.  Not all program types support a virtual experience.  For that reason, the SEEL team implemented contactless strategies.  Customers are no longer required to sign forms physically.  Verbal authorizations are recorded and documented in the customer’s digital record.

Reduce Energy Costs and Increase Property Values

In addition to virtual and contactless appointments, SEEL leverages this approach to conduct QA/QC virtually.  Customers are engaged using their preferred video chat platform to verify measure installation.



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