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residential solutions


Combining Energy Savings and Customer Satisfaction


Award-Winning Residential Experience and Program Implementation

SEEL has long-term experience and expertise in residential programs., including one of the largest residential direct-install programs in the country.  SEEL can cost-effectively deliver high levels of both energy savings and customer satisfaction.

Seamless Program Launch and Transition

SEEL develops, implements and manages residential programs of any size and scope.  We offer seamless program launches and transitions, so there is no interruption to current program offerings.

Community Engagement and Participation

SEEL’s grass-roots approach to community engagement and participation uses the power of existing relationships and connections to achieve program goals.  Based on principles of community development and integration, SEEL’s outreach networks generate strong leads even in traditionally hard-to-reach customer segments and underserved areas.

Higher Than Average Customer Satisfaction

SEEL strives for cross-program engagement, and minimizes free-ridership.  Our residential programs consistently deliver customer satisfaction levels that lead the industry.

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