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SEEL Receives the EEI 2021 Diverse Supplier Award for Outstanding Business Performance

SEEL, LLC (Solutions for Energy Efficient Logistics) has been named the 2021 Diverse Supplier of the Year by the Edison Electric Institute (EEI). In a letter notifying SEEL of the award EEI cited, among other things, SEEL’s outstanding work in the industry and utilization of fellow diverse suppliers as the primary reasons SEEL was chosen for the award.

“It gives me great pleasure to announce that SEEL has been chosen as this year’s recipient of the EEI Diverse Supplier Award,” said Terri Oliva, Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer for Edison Electric Institute. “This award is presented annually to a diverse supplier who does superior work and pays it forward by utilizing fellow diverse suppliers in their supply chain."

Nominated for the award by SEEL’s longtime customer DTE Energy, Ben Fowke, Chairman and CEO of Xcel Energy and current EEI Chairman, will present the award to SEEL during the organization’s 37th Business Diversity Virtual Conference on May 18, 2021.

Always a champion for diversity and inclusion, Louis E. James, president and CEO of SEEL, mandates a strict policy of outreach, mentoring and procurement with other MBE companies, pledging 25% of available procurement dollars with diverse business groups like MBEs, WBEs. For the past four years the company’s minority spend has exceeded his pledge averaging 38% of purchasing power, nearly $24 million.

“It is an honor to receive the Diverse Supplier award from the Institute and I thank DTE Energy for the nomination,” said James. “As a diverse supplier myself, it’s important to me that my companies provide opportunities for other minority suppliers to help them have a chance at success. I’m here to pass on my experience, knowledge and most importantly any successes I have to advance diversity, equity and inclusion in the energy industry. Thank you EEI, for this distinguished award. It is my intention to remain at the forefront of diversity."

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