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SEEL, LLC Announces Expanded Leadership Team

Updated: May 31, 2022

SEEL, LLC Announces Expanded Leadership Team
(L to R) Tiffany Curry, Scott Alan Davis, E'Lois Thomas, Ph.D., Charles Newborn, Patrice Suggs and Paul Camilleri

Following continued growth and the appointment of Dr. E’Lois Thomas as the new president, SEEL, LLC expands its leadership team by naming a new VP of Operations, VP of Inclusion and Economic Development and VP of Diversity Initiatives and Community Engagement, to join her appointments of VP of Finance and VP of Compliance

SEEL, LLC, a leading nationally recognized MBE certified provider of energy program implementation services for major utilities across the U.S., announced an expansion of its executive leadership team:

  • Tiffany Curry, Vice President of Diversity Initiatives and Community Engagement

  • Scott Alan Davis, Vice President of Inclusion and Economic Development

  • Charles Newborn, Vice President of Operations

  • Patrice Suggs, Vice President of Compliance

  • Paul Camilleri, Vice President of Finance

Demonstrating the company’s strong position on diversity and inclusion, this new team will help to manage a high growth stage for SEEL, as well as implementation of the company’s expanded services into workforce development, weatherization, energy resiliency, renewable and clean energy programs.

SEEL has also amplified its voice in the industry by presenting on conference stages around the country and hosting seminars as part of its SEEL Webinar series. Sharing its specialized knowledge and expertise about energy equity and access, diversity and inclusion, SEEL embraces the challenge of including income qualified communities in the journey to carbon neutrality.

“Our talented new leadership team has vast knowledge and experience that will help guide SEEL through its next stage of growth,” said E’Lois Thomas, Ph.D., president of SEEL, LLC. “As we work together to build the nation’s number one energy program implementation company, we are all invested in the mission of inclusion and community awareness of the goals and objectives of the energy industry to combat climate change and protect the planet.”

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