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Energy savings for owners, managers and tenants. 

Family Unwrapping

Custom Designed Multifamily Solutions

SEEL creates custom-designed multifamily energy improvement programs with implementation strategies that fit our clients’ specific needs.  We take a holistic approach to program design, and provide incentives that draw strong engagement from tenants as well as property managers and owners.

Energy Savings and Customer Satisfaction

SEEL builds programs that deliver energy savings and customer satisfaction, incorporating one-on-one energy consultations, education savings measures, and direct installation of energy efficient products.

Comprehensive Energy Programs

Individual programs, which are customized for utilities and other clients, can encompass multiple elements:

  • Lead generation and program qualification

  • Initial energy assessments

  • Holistic energy audits

  • Trade ally engagement and management

  • Direct measure installation

  • Rebate processing

  • Post-inspection QA/QC

Educating Customers on the Benefits of Program Participation

At SEEL, we place an emphasis on educating property owners, property managers and tenants on the benefits of energy-efficiency upgrades and program participation.  The high levels of tenant engagement generate additional savings and value for our clients, property owners and management companies.  The outcome of our multifamily projects is a reduction in costs and an increase in property values.

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