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Jon Lanning

Vice President of Business Development

 Jon Lanning joined the team at SEEL, LLC., as Vice President of Business Development. His forward-thinking approach and extensive industry knowledge will position him as a driving force behind SEEL’s continued success. His leadership will not only propel the company to new heights, but will also reinforce SEEL’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions for the utility industry.

With over 25 years of expertise in sales management and business development within electronic manufacturing and energy efficiency industries

Mr. Lanning, boasts a proven track record across diverse domains including sales, marketing, contract negotiation, business planning, operations management, and personnel development.


Mr. Lanning's energy efficiency and sustainability journey began in 2008 during his work on The Climate Action Plan with McKinsey and Co. and the City of Chicago’s Department of Environment while at Best Buy. He joined TrickleStar in 2012 as the inaugural US-based team member. His unwavering dedication and exceptional contributions swiftly propelled him to various leadership roles, culminating in his appointment as President, North America.


In his capacity as President, North America, Mr. Lanning played a pivotal role in shaping and elevating TrickleStar’s brand. He oversaw all aspects of the North American team's operations, leading product development, marketing objectives, and sales strategies crucial to achieving organizational objectives and driving year-over-year growth. Specific responsibilities included managing business and market development efforts, budgets and forecasts, key accounts management, research and planning, and providing strategic direction for the inclusion of TrickleStar’s portfolio of energy optimization products into utility energy efficiency programs.


Additionally, Mr. Lanning spearheaded initiatives to enhance brand awareness, overseeing public, media, and corporate relations, forging strategic partnerships, and implementing other initiatives aimed at increasing TrickleStar's visibility. His efforts focused on promoting TrickleStar's portfolio of energy-saving products designed to address plug-load efficiency challenges.

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