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income qualified


Cost-effective programs for those who need help the most.


Financial Assistance for Low-Income Customers

SEEL designs and implements a variety of energy-efficiency programs that are targeted to income-qualified customers.  These programs are cost-effective for utilities and provide financial help to community members who can really use them.

Environmental Impact and Cost-Effectiveness

Our innovative, turnkey programs focus on both environmental impact and cost-effectiveness, with streamlined processes and savings at every touch.  These programs are applicable for all residential building types and efficient for all fuels.

Tailored for Customer Usage and Need Levels

We tailor the offerings based on customer usage and need levels.  Thorough energy audits drive weatherization efforts among this underserved segment of the population, and our end-to-end customer support includes customized education.

Leverage Relationships and Community Networks to Spread the Word

Most importantly, our income-qualified programs operate at the gross-roots, community level.  We use local talent to fill program positions, and take advantage of existing relationships and community networks to spread the word of our programs.  We build trust, and help positively transform the community by offering a way to increase financial independence.

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